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Who we are!

Welcome to Spotonranking, this website is the right choice for all the Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Lifestyle, Travel and Daily life rankings for you. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of our experience. Our content also consists of mainstream news, latest advancements in tech and health categories.

SpotOnRaking is for the people, not the powerful. We are professional researchers, observers and raking makers. We entertain people without guilty. We share the latest rankings in all aspects of searches. We work for the satisfaction of our audience. If something matters to our audience, It eventually matters to us.

SpotOnRanking is founded by two Pakistani bachelor students with a great aim of entertaining people around the globe.

Our Mission

We believe in diversity in who we are, what our content is for, how we tell our stories to our audience which is critical to our mission. We aim to serve a diverse audience with different minds and curiosities that matters to them.SpotOnRanking is independent in its ranking criteria in different roots of the world. We strive to verify and corroborate information and rankings via multiple sources whenever possible. Our main goal is to publish content users love to read, interact, share and discuss.

So, Join us to make this team wonderfull and make this platform great!