The most common mistakes every man makes when he wears suits

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Even if you think you are doing everything right, there are small details that can turn into big mistakes.

Every man, without exceptions, thinks his look twice – or more – before leaving home. And this is true, it may even sound contradictory to the alleged statistics that state that women are the ones who care most about their outfit to avoid more common mistakes when dressing.

We list the most common mistakes you are making when wearing a suit and/or dressing and we explain why you should share it with everyone around you. But, first, start by avoiding them at all costs.

The male sector cares about the details and is more detailed in much more specific issues: such as what it transmits through certain aromas of a fragrance or how to achieve a good look on beard and mustache issues. However, this may affirm that the true essence of masculine elegance lies in the “small – big” details. But, even if every man cares about the physical aspect, there will always be issues that will remain pending. Errors that, perhaps, you are making at the time of dressing and you have not yet noticed.

In matters of style, the contemporary gentleman must explore beyond the basic rules: classic combinations, necessary garments in the closet, mixes of prints and, of course, how to tie a tie. Without immersing ourselves in classes on how to combine textures or identify each style of shoes, there are almost unforgivable points at this point.

All coats and sacks, in the lower back, have an X-shaped seam that joins two cuts. Far from being a decorative seam, this stitching is part of the delivery codes of whoever makes it. The “x” prevents the garment from wrinkling or bending, and the cuts allow better movement when walking. So, give another one to your bag. If you find the X-shaped seam, remove it immediately!


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The vast majority of suits and blazers have the label, lightly sewn, on the sleeve of the bag. And it is very common to see more than one looking elegant in any event, but with the label on the sleeve. No, it is not there intentionally or for design reasons (except for Dior Homme SS ’18 suits designed with the intended label). The label only serves to differentiate brands in retails or to locate them more easily in coat hangers. The rule is simple: the moment you buy a suit, take the label off.

The stitched label that brings the fist of your bag is not an advertising space to show off the brand or name of the designer who created the garment. He is there to identify the suit in the production factory or in the store.

So it is best to remove it carefully with a pair of scissors or a seam extractor.


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An ironic question that emphasizes a mistake of great proportions. It is not so difficult to identify that sports socks have a particular function and, likewise, “dress” socks do. The thread socks are the ones we have known for a lifetime and accompany the formal garments. Now, you can also experiment a little more in matters of colors and prints, but always with this style of sock.


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Surely on multiple occasions, you came to claim that you made the mistake of buying pants without bags or that your blazer pockets were only fictitious. And not! It is not like this. All tailoring clothing has pockets, but, for quality of preparation, these must be delivered sewn with a stitch called hilván. The simple seam makes the blazer not deform while in warehouses or hangers for a long time. Do not forget to remove all the basins where you see the entrance of a pocket.


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There is a golden rule that will summarize everything: “sometimes, always, never.” Remember this phrase whenever you leave the house with a blazer on. The quotation refers to the three buttons that a bag has: the first button, SOMETIMES, can be buckled; the second, ALWAYS and the last button, NEVER. In case the bag only has two buttons, the first one always and the last one never.

Another important fact is that when you sit down you must unbutton everyone, without exceptions.

5- The shoulders

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Before anything, check if your suit has the dotted line on the shoulders and if so, do not hesitate to remove them. usually, ide stitches come in white, but they can also be placed in one without the number of colors. Remove them slowly through the middle of the stitch and remove the remaining thread.

6- Review the rearguard

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Your new coat, blazer, and even your new coat often come with small diagonally-shaped wire or with two small-shaped wires that hold the vent. IIt’spurpose? Keep the clothes wrinkle-free and in good shape during your stay in the store.

If you leave these threads it is not only a sign that you have no idea why they are there but that you also avoid the fall and the adjustment that your bag should look.


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