Cristiano Ronaldo gets rid of the trial for an alleged violation. The prosecution does not see enough evidence

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo
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Just when a decade of the alleged events occurred, the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office, with jurisdiction over Las Vegas, ends the investigation for an alleged sexual assault that weighed on the star. Nevada law allows previously opened rape cases not to be closed, which is why the case was reopened in mid-2018. But officials have just ruled that the accusations “cannot be proven without a doubt”, as required by law. CR7 gets rid of the complaint, which is dismissed.

What the background was: an aspiring model, Kathryn Mayorga, said she was raped by Ronaldo in June 2009. The woman made a formal complaint, but at the time did not give the police the identity of the aggressor. Months later he signed an out-of-court and confidential agreement with the soccer player’s lawyers, for which he received $ 375,000. In August 2018, Mayorga contacted the Las Vegas Police and requested that the case be reopened by giving the name of his alleged assailant. Soon he told the exclusive in Der Spiegel, and since then the process was pending.


And what has happened. Following the complaint, the Las Vegas police reopened the case. It was not until July 8, 2019, that the investigation was transmitted to the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office. They responded yesterday, stating that, given the information they have at this time, no charges will be filed against the player for not being able to prove the accusation beyond a reasonable doubt.

In June 2019, Mayorga’s lawyers themselves also withdrew the rape lawsuit, although it has not been leaked if the player would have reached an out-of-court settlement with them. The trial had two points of interest: first the leak in the change of Ronaldo’s statement, which first did talk about the abusive relationship and then not; and second, the requirement of a DNA test to see if that of the Golden Ball coincided with that of the aggressor. It was never leaked to the press if it was obtained, although it had been requested.

Other nouns for Ronaldo: in 2016 the Portuguese lawyers denounced Der Spiegel, but not for the leaks about his alleged violation, but his information on tax evasion, known as Football Leaks. Being based on documents obtained by hackers, the lawyers defended that it was an invasion of privacy, but in April of this year, the judges have proved right to the German magazine. Following the report by Mayorga, the CR7 legal representatives also threatened to report the magazine again for these facts.

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And what consequences has the accusation had for the accounts of the millionaire? In late 2018, both EA and Nike threatened to withdraw advertising agreements with the player, which they finally did not do. Nor did any of the dozens of sponsorship brands cut a relationship with the star. In October 2018, just in the middle of the storm, it was learned that Ronaldo had left the list of the summoned Portuguese team. During the controversy, Juventus lost 17% of its value in the stock market, less than what was dropped by the elimination of the team in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

With figures for 2018, the year that could have affected his accounts due to the accusation, he is the third highest-paid athlete in the world, after the pitcher Floyd Mayweather and the footballer Lionel Messi.


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