The 10 best universities in the world in 2019


The 10 best universities in the world. What makes a university the best place to study? According to Times Higher Education, the keys are the educational environment, research, knowledge transmission and international openness that make the difference.

With this criterion, the 2019 ranking of the best universities in the world is prepared.

The country that appears the most times in this ranking is the United States Physics, mathematics, and engineering are the star disciplines. Although there is also a place to choose the best university to study law, the best university in economics and the best university in business management.

The country that more times appear in this ranking of the best universities in the world is the United States. In the second position, we have the United Kingdom.

These are the ten best universities within the world

1- California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology
Photo source; usnews

Pasadena (California), United States

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) leads the ranking of the best universities in the world for the third consecutive year. More than 30 of his students have won a Nobel Prize. One of his alumni, Harrison Schmitt, has set foot on the moon.
In Caltech, several laboratories work for NASA.

What to study here?

The California Institute of Technology focuses on the sciences. Physics is its strong point, it could also be considered the best astrophysics university. Integration with NASA makes it the best destination for astronomers around the world.

2- University of Oxford


Oxford, United Kingdom

From the University of Oxford, 26 Prime Ministers, more than 30 world leaders, 12 saints and 20 Archbishops of Canterbury have left.
Oxford invented the concept of a modern university in the thirteenth century.
It is the third oldest university within the world.

What to study here?

Oxford clearly distinguishes between science and letters. It stands out especially for the careers of psychology and philosophy. Although it is also one of the best law universities. In the branch of science, he has a special emphasis on mathematics.

3- Stanford University


Palo Alto (California), United States

Stanford was founded in 1891. Railroad magnate Leland Standford created it in memory of his son, Leland Stanford Jr., who died of typhoid at age 16.
It is the second most selective university in the United States. It admits 7% of the candidacies. At Stanford, they studied Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, and William Hewlett and David Packard, founders of Hewlett-Packard.
Stanford maintains a historic rivalry with neighboring Berkley.

What to study here?

The engineering is one of the strongest branches of Stanford. It is one of the best engineering universities. The other important discipline is law.

4- University of Cambridge


Cambridge, United Kingdom

Cambridge was founded by Oxford academics, who had conflicts with the inhabitants of the city.
The precursor of computer science; and Francis Crick and James Watson, discoverers of DNA.

What to study here?

Mathematics and physics are the two disciplines with the most presence in Cambridge, but the university consists of 31 colleges, partner institutions that teach all kinds of disciplines. What makes it a good choice of marketing university.

5- Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Cambridge (Massachusetts), United States

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has more than 70 Nobel prizes among its students.

What to study here?

The strengths of MIT are engineering and physics. In the last 60 years, humanities, arts, linguistics, and economics have been incorporated.

6- Harvard University


Cambridge (Massachusetts), United States

Harvard is the oldest university in the United States, and in almost every ranking of universities in the world, Caltech fights for first place. It is named after his benefactor, John Harvard. Among its students, more than 40 Nobel Prize winners have emerged.
It has the largest budget of all academic institutions in the world.

What to study here?

Harvard takes care of all areas of knowledge, but the most powerful are the letters: law, economics and is one of the best business administration universities.

7- Princeton University

Princeton University
Photo source: visitprinceton

Princeton (New Jersey), United States

Princeton is one of the smallest universities in the Ivy League. It has about 7,000 students. But still, among them are 30 Nobel Prize winners.
Albert Einstein researched and taught at this university.
Princeton also has an important museum of art and archeology. It has works by Goya, Monet, and Warhol, among others.

What to study here?

Mathematics is Princeton’s queen discipline. But a career in art history also has many opportunities at this university, which puts a lot of interest in art conservation.

8- Imperial College London

Imperial College London
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London, United Kingdom

Imperial specializes in research and has four faculties: medicine, natural sciences, engineering, and business. It was founded as part of the University of London and has only been independent since 2007.

What to study here?

With only four faculties, the options are less. Medicine, science, engineering and is a leading university in business administration.

9- ETH city – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology city

wiss Federal Institute of Technology city

Zurich, Switzerland

The Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich is a public university pioneer in research in Europe and around the world. Its fame is due to a large number of scientists that have passed through its classrooms and laboratories. Among them, it has 21 Nobel prizes, among which Albert Einstein stands out.

What to study here?

This University stands out for its scientific branches, especially as far as engineering, mathematics, and science are concerned. Although, the fame of this university is due to its innumerable contributions to science. Therefore, every year the number of candidates for a doctorate is around 700 of which almost half are foreigners.
Without a doubt, it is a good choice of university to study science.

10- University of Chicago


Chicago (Illinois), United States

The University of Chicago has more graduate students than undergraduates. That is, it specializes in advanced academic exploration.

The Chicago School of Economics was developed at this university. From it appeared theories in favor of the free market of Milton Friedman.


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