This is how Intel imagines the gaming of the future to bring it to the present

10th gen intel
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New challenges increasingly require better tools to overcome them. The new generations of Intel® Core ™ processors put the player at the center of all the company’s innovation, turning the PC into the reference gaming platform for maximum performance.

Today, not only the maximum gaming performance is demanded of desktop computers, but laptops must also give their all since they have become the undisputed stars in the practice of eSports.

The 9th generation of Intel® Core ™ processors has been designed to deliver the best performance in the most demanding triple AAA games, while recording on-screen content and streaming, and is just the tip of the iceberg of what Intel has prepared for the immediate future.

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Goodbye to the lone wolf
For years, the profile of the videogame fan has been that of a “lone wolf” who enjoyed videogames in story mode and with many technical limitations for online gaming.

The arrival of better connection speeds and more powerful hardware has made it possible for online gaming to be the majority trend and the gaming universe is no longer understood without a more social online game mode.

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According to a recent study that GfK has developed for Intel, current gamers are more social than ever and complement the game with parallel forms of communication between players to give a new dimension to the online game.

To make this possible it has been necessary to develop tools that allow synchronization of video, voice and chat services between players, with an immediate response, and without compromising performance during the game.


The 9th generation of Intel® Core ™ processors is positioned as the most powerful gaming processor generation in history, capable of achieving maximum performance in triple-A enveloping games, improving fps by up to 56% in titles such as Total War: Warhammer II, virtual reality performance and video processing on both laptops and desktops.

There are no longer limits when playing, recording and retransmitting the game simultaneously without penalizing performance.

Squeeze out the maximum performance without taking risks
When it comes to reaching your goal, each megahertz counts and can make the difference between winning victory or succumbing to defeat. Intel® Performance Maximizer allows you to squeeze the maximum performance of your processor safely and stably.

Overclocking is the technique that allows you to increase the frequency of the processor over that originally established by the manufacturer to scratch some more FPS in the most demanding games, or reduce the time when rendering video or 3D content.

The risks involved in altering the operating values ?? of the processor, and the fatal consequences that the modification of these parameters can have on the processor, makes its use for the most inexperienced users unadvisable.

less danger
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Intel Core i7-9700KF

But what would happen if an expert did all the overclock adjustment work on your processor to get the best possible performance without compromising the integrity of the processor? That expert already exists and is called Intel® Performance Maximizer.

This tool analyzes your usage habits and the applications and games that you use daily to subsequently automatically apply all modifications to the processor’s operation and maximize its performance without compromising its integrity.

Intel Performance Maximizer is an exclusive tool for the 9th generation of Intel® Core ™ processors in the K and KF series, the only ones in the family that have unlocked cores to unlock their full potential.

intel 9th generation
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Intel processors

The tool is responsible for analyzing in which tasks the processor’s performance can improve and modifies its frequency and voltage after subjecting it to a series of stability and temperature tests to ensure that the modifications do not pose a risk to the operation of the processor.

With Intel® Performance Maximizer, getting the most out of 9th generation Intel® Core ™ processors is available to anyone, not just professionals.

Play online without latencies and at maximum speed
The good results in the games, especially in the competitive ones that take place in eSports tournaments, are no longer only defined by the power of the processor. Other factors, such as latency or stability of Internet connections, are now also involved.

The connection to the network is the umbilical cord that unites the different players who dispute the victory in online tournaments. Having the most optimized connection depends not only on your Internet provider, but the hardware you use on your home network also has a lot to say about it.

play online
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Intel processors

Intel is committed to the new WiFi 6 Ax200 Gig + standard to break all established limits by reducing latency by up to 75%, to streamline your connections when playing online.

One of the immediate effects achieved with this connection optimization is to reduce the waiting time by up to 38% for each turn in games like Civilization 6.

Maximum performance for gaming laptops with i9-9980HK

gaming laptop
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One of the main challenges for gaming laptop processors is to find the perfect balance so that the user does not have to give up anything.

The Intel® Core ™ i9-9980HK processor is the ultimate exponent in gaming performance, capable of offering a maximum frequency of up to 5 GHz in its 8 cores and 16 threads. In short, the quintessence of maximum performance in gaming laptops.

Intel processors

However, all this power is conditioned by a determining factor in the use of the laptop: the autonomy of its battery.

This is where Intel® Dynamic Tuning ™ technology comes into play that balances the power consumption between the CPU and the GPU to optimize energy consumption.

In this way, the CPU can reduce its consumption to give it to the GPU when more demanding games and applications are run at the graphic level, and reverse that proportion of energy consumption when hard work falls on the CPU and the GPU is barely used.

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Intel® Dynamic Tuning ™ technology makes the Intel® Core ™ i9-9980HK processor a lion for your games, and a kitty with battery consumption so you can enjoy your video games for longer without having to rely on a plug.

10 generations transforming the future of gaming

Ice Lake is the internal name with which the most advanced processors Intel has developed to date are known, and that will arrive before the end of 2019. With its launch, a new era for gaming opens thanks to the arrival of the 10th Intel® Core ™ processor generation.

intel 10th
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Beyond the power increase that accompanies each new generation of Intel® Core ™ processors, this generational jump from 14 nm to 10 nm emphasizes performance optimization by adding artificial intelligence to achieve the best performance in each usage scenario.

Intel tenth generation

The integration of technologies such as Intel® DL Boost will double the performance in the processors integrated in thinner and lighter laptops. The myth of large and heavy gaming laptops is over forever!

In addition, in the next generation of Intel® Core ™ processors, the new batch of Intel® Iris ™ Plus graphics is integrated, which almost doubles the graphics performance compared to the previous generation.

Intel Gen9 vs Gen11

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This improves performance when transmitting and rendering professional-level content by doubling the capacity when encoding with the HEVC codec; Play content at 4K resolution with support for HDR images.

This performance improvement in laptops that brings the arrival of the 10th generation of Intel® Core ™ processors will also have its impact on the gaming experience, since the optimization of the processor through artificial intelligence allows for greater game flow, doubling the rate of fps and expanding the number of titles you can run to 1080p.

Intel processors

The future of PC as a gaming reference platform proposed by Intel with its next generation of processors also involves improving the user experience from the moment you sit in front of the PC.

Being able to start the system in just a second to start playing immediately, get wireless connection speeds higher than 1 Gbps more reliable and stable, and more efficient battery use are some of the improvements that will soon reach laptops and computers with which Intel wants to boost the PC as the ultimate gaming platform.


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