10 features of android You’ll Like After You Learn!

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Most users are not aware of the blessings Android offers to users. In this article, we’ve looked at 10 unknown features of Android.

Android, a free platform. Therefore, many unused and unknown features by users. Some small or detailed features can be exactly what users are looking for. That’s why we’re looking at 10 Android features that are unknown to most users in this content.

1- Voice Search with Screen Locked

Voice Search with Screen Locked

The Google voice search feature comes as stock on all Android phones. But you need to activate this feature. If you want to activate Google’s voice search assistant, go to Google settings in your phone’s settings menu and enter ‘Ok Google indan invoice settings. Here, the device will take a few steps to identify your voice.

But that’s not all. Although some devices may not allow this, you can mark Google’s voice search as always active. This will enable voice search when you say ‘ok Google even when your device is locked.

2- Remotely Turn Off or Reset Your Phone

Remotely Turn Off or Reset Your Phone

Stealing our phone is one of the worst things that can happen, especially considering device prices and the information we have. Apart from the material aspect of the work, it may be difficult for us to get our photos and information into the hands of foreigners.

Fortunately, Google has a solution. Thanks to the Android device manager, we can instantly monitor, turn off or reset the phone to factory settings. If you want to enable this feature, you have to activate it by going to the phone management in the security settings.

3- Enable Dark Theme

Enable Dark Theme

Most Android devices do not have a dark theme inside, but this theme is desired by most users because it increases device availability and saves charge. If you want to create your dark theme, you can reverse the colors by going to the device’s accessibility settings. While reversing colors does not affect media files in most brands, some brands may also return to color testing in video and images.

4- Access Your Chrome Tabs from Different Devices

 Access Your Chrome Tabs from Different Devices

Most smartphone users use Chrome as their default browser. Sometimes when you are writing or reading an article on your tablet, you may run out of charge and need to continue on your phone. In such cases, open a new tab in Chrome and click the last tabs option at the bottom right. This allows you to access tabs that are open on your tablet or other smartphones.

5- Scan Your Documents

Scan Your Documents

In the past, you had to buy large machines to scan and save any document on a computer. Now, with a simple smartphone, you can scan all your documents, save them as picture files and play on them. The quality may be a bit low, but the process is very practical. Applications like Evernote are ideal for scanning documents.

6- Compass and Barometer

Compass and Barometer

Your phone has more sensors than you think. These sensors turn your device into a compass and barometer whenever you want.

We recommend Smart Compass for Compass. For the barometer, the Barometer Altimeter DashClock will help you measure atmospheric pressure.

7- Health Follower

Health Follower

How long did you sleep last night? How many steps did you take today? How far did you walk? Health apps can help if you want to measure this and similar health data without using a smart wristband or watch. Google Fit, Google’s app, is a useful tool for measuring health information.

8- Get Screen Recording

Get Screen Recording

Android has been able to take screenshots for many years, but very few people except YouTubers know about it. You can record every operation you perform on the screen using applications such as AZ Screen Recorder.

9- Smart Lock

Smart Lock

The screen locks on our phones become more important when we consider the special information we have. But for example; When we come to our home screen lock does not need to be found. Or our brother, like our spouse to unlock the screen for people who do not have problems every time we need to unlock the lock.

But there is a short way. With the Lock Smart Lock ’feature, you can record the voice and face of the people you trust, and you can save the screen lock for those regions and people by saving the places you trust. For this feature, you need to activate ‘Smart Lock indan in the security settings.

10- Screen Magnifier

Screen Magnifier

Sometimes small text can be difficult to read or extra zoom may be required in a photo. In such cases, you can see the area you want larger by using the screen magnifier.

To activate the screen magnifier, you need to access the touch zoom option from the accessibility settings and activate the magnifier.


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