10 Free Mobile Apps to Shine in 2019 (iOS – Android)

Google Duo

Another digit has changed in the year, we entered 2019. This year, as in every year, there will be big changes in the mobile application world. In this week’s section of the Mobile App Recipe, we’ve selected 10 apps that will shine in 2019 under different categories.

Our mobile device usage habits are changing. Mobile applications that integrate these habits, as always, produce successful jobs. Keep from the commonly used applications, in applications that appeal to a small number of users, they will have to change and evolve.

Now that we have left behind 2018, we need to be prepared for 2019 trends. We have conducted long researches for you and we have selected 10 mobile applications, each with different categories. They were developed by pioneering and innovative companies that have previously kept pace with the changes mentioned above. Based on your intended use, we believe that you will find an application that will surely work for you.

1- Mint Browser

Developed by Xiaomi for all Android devices, the Mint Browser proves how competitive the mobile browser business is from the computer world. Although it is a new application yet, it offers a fast, lightweight and secure internet experience for the company.

We think that the app will reach more people in 2019, maybe the iOS version will be released.

2- Google Duo

Google Duo

Duo has already done it in 2018 and has exceeded the 1 billion user threshold in the face of strong competitors like WhatsApp as a video calling service. It is possible to say that Duo will be used by more people during 2019. This is because it is one of the most simple and fast applications for free and online video calling.

3- Buffer


If you have multiple social media accounts, personal or corporate, you can use Buffer to manage them all in one place. Your adaptation to an era in which social media is becoming more important for everyone becomes easier with such applications. Buffer stands out as one of the highest functional applications for 2019. The main reason for this is that the free version does not limit users too much.

4- Mojo


The inevitable rise of social media channels such as Instagram has brought a strong sub-market. Mojo is a mobile application that offers different editing options for your Story shares in a vertical format. For now, only iOS support, Mojo, Android in the coming months and will be one of the best complementary applications in 2019 seems to be.

Doing what Mojo does in Adobe programs can sometimes take hours.

5- Google Lens

Google lens
photo source: themobileindian

Another Google app on the list is the Lens feature, which is a big part of Google Now. The company’s best decision was to provide this service with its assistant. This wonders of artificial intelligence, which allows visual search via the camera, is integrated into the Assistant on Android devices. iOS users can use the Lens feature by downloading the Assistant app on the App Store.

Not to mention that visual search will become widespread throughout 2019.

6- Civilizations AR

Civilizations AR

When it comes to augmented reality, of course, we can offer many examples. Indeed, the most stable of these examples and the user does not tire the application to make money Civilizations AR. Adapted from the BBC’s documentary of the same name, this AR application brings ancient artifacts from ancient civilizations to your day through your phone’s camera.

We will prepare more detailed lists for AR applications in the coming weeks. Civilizations AR is on our list because it brings a new perspective to the concept of “virtual museum, which will be another 2019 trend.

7- Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do

Micorost’s inability to compete with the operating system in the mobile world has enabled it to focus on the application business. It is possible for the company to develop a new mobile platform for Windows at any time. Personal applications such as Microsoft To-Do can become the best on iOS and Android platforms and take their place on this platform. Get a warning from us to Apple and Google.

To-Do has a flexible structure that can be accessed from multiple devices with a single account. He has already started hoarding other planning practices.

8- Drops


Drops focus on language and visual content and focus on visual and entertainment duo, and has a rich educational library of 31 languages. It is possible to say that it is an innovative application that anyone who wants to learn a language with fun can use it without getting bored.

We see that it is starting to build on its strong competitors on education and especially on foreign language learning. Throughout 2019, Drops can appeal to a wider audience.

9- Twitch


Twitch, a powerful live-streaming alternative to YouTube, is now hosting more diverse publishers. It’s hard to connect to the platform on a computer every time, so the mobile app is becoming more and more stable.

As the diversity of publications and content increases, more people are likely to start using Twitch in 2019.

10- Instagram


At the top of the list is Instagram, with its unbelievable rise in 2018. Of course, you may be, but it would be strange not to include Instagram on such a list. Instagram rising after passing through Facebook, 2019 in the number of users in Facebook looks like.

Instagram will be the new center of necessities such as marketing, social media and news retrieval. In a way, it is a digital shopping center


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