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The pursuit of leisure is something normal in our society, one way we have to find such leisure is by making use of games on our smartphones, since they accompany us time and time, so that with them you will always have a way of being spending time in a fun or challenging way.

It is important for you to know that smartphone games have undergone countless innovations over time and they are getting better and more feature-rich, and in some cases increasingly challenging indeed. There are now a lot of games that end upholding people’s attention for a long time.

If you are looking for games for your smartphone, having tried a few and maybe got tired, or even wanting to try something else or something different, know that there is a list for you with games of different styles, perfect to please all tastes. It is also worth mentioning that in case a game you love is not present in this list, you may be indicating the same in the comments, maybe it does not end up being added.

An important point here that you should be aware of is the fact that we will not be presenting the titles in a ranked form, saying which one is the best or the worst, but rather we will be presenting a search-based list containing the games they are doing the most. successful at the moment, and we will try to be adding titles of various styles to ensure that we have options for all tastes.

Another point is that here we will be listing games for the Android operating system, so you can also if you want to be checking if they are also available for tablets that have such operating system, just click on the links that will be available to you in each one of the listed titles. Now come with us to know the best Android games.

The best games to play on Android phones
Another point is that here we will be listing games for the Android operating system, so you can also if you want to be checking if they are also available for tablets that have such operating system, just click on the links that will be available to you in each one of the listed titles. Now come with us to know the best Android games.

Check out our list now!

1- PUBG Mobile / PUBG Mobile Lite

pub g mobile

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it is best known to its numerous fans, is a Battle Royale-style game that has been making a lot of fame lately, where you have to survive on a map and have a lot of enemies. The game is an FPS style (first-person shooter). You may be finding the game in both its regular and LITE versions for those people who don’t have such powerful smartphones.

How does PUBG work? Simple, you parachute down a map where 99 other players also descend and your goal is to reach the end of the live game. Exploring the map you will find weapons and other equipment that will help you survive. As the game time goes by, the map area will decrease and if you are out of a certain area you will take damage and may even die, so always be careful to be in the right places and take every possible care as you will have enemies everywhere.

This is one of the most downloaded games of the year, as well as being a hit on its desktop version. This is a game loved by people all over the world and can be offering many hours of fun and action. Show that you can be a real winner and survivor and go fight in PUBG, pick your weapons and start your show, can you get to the end of the game? For even more fun, you can call your friends to play with you, thus building a winning team.

2- Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9_ Legends

Let’s start our list with a title for speed lovers, Asphalt 9: Legends, bringing you insane and wonderful races.

The Asphalt series is a huge success with each new release, of course with Asphalt 9 it would be no different and as soon as it was released the game was a huge download success, much of it is because the graphics quality of the game is so good and so realistic that it’s even hard to believe it’s a smartphone game.

In Asphalt 9: Legends you have 50 handpicked supercars from extremely famous brands and very high-performance cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and W Motors, with constant game updates. Bringing ever-new dream cars for you to venture down the tracks at full speed.

This game was not only successful because of the excellent cars it features, but the 3D graphics, which include even HDR technology, so you can already imagine that this game is as high quality as computer games, and this is one of the big reasons for the huge success this game series has, making it worthwhile to be looking for it.

3- Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

It’s been a while since Pokemon Go started to become a fever all over the world, but you are mistaken if you think that people have stopped enjoying this game, because Pokemon Go keeps moving many people around, you can even say that it has This is done literally, as for this game you need to move around. Do not worry, because the game has not become monotonous, after all, it is always receiving updates with news that make it more interesting, with content that makes the game better and better.For those who don’t know yet, Pokemon Go is a different game in which Pokémon has invaded our world and it’s up to you to go around capturing them, participating in battles and even conquering gyms. The game brings us that good feeling of nostalgia for that generation that followed the adventures of Ash and his friends on television.

Not to mention that the game has revolutionized by getting people to walk around looking for Pokémon and to fulfill missions, even making trainers drop the convenience of their homes and go hiking.

The game has a lot of tools today, plus of course, a huge variety of Pokémon for you to be captured around, go out in search of the strongest or even your favorite Pokémon and make them stronger and stronger. , make friends and conquer all gyms near you. Venture into your area and you might not find rare pokémons and participate in amazing events. But first of all remember that Pokemon Go is a much-loved game, but when playing it you should be careful, always paying attention to things around you.

4- Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles

Now let’s talk about a game that was a huge success, in each of its versions, the second edition of the game was a huge success, and the third came recently to conquer its space as well. Piano Tiles is a perfect game for music lovers as well as those looking for a challenging game that can entertain for a long time, not to mention the incredible list of songs the game has.

In the games in this series you have a lot of songs, each requiring a different kind of skill, you choose the song you want and that’s it, now you know if you are able to keep up, you will see on your screen that some black keys will appear and you will have to press them according to the rhythm of the song, the more perfect your play is, the higher the score you will get, leveling up and unlocking more and more songs.

Another great advantage is that this game can be enjoyed on many devices, as it has a nice graphic, but it is not heavy, so it is within the reach of the interested players. If you like music and are looking for a game that is addictive and truly challenging, you should look for any of the Piano Tiles games from the first through the third edition and try to keep pace with the songs to move up the rankings and conquer your victories.

5- Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Another game that has become a huge fever among games available for smartphones is the Plants Vs. Zombies series, with its second volume the game brought even more fans to the series, precisely because it is a different game, challenging and at the same time funny, Here you have to come up with various strategies to be successful. Of course, you can be sure that the game is wonderful, after all, it is one of the darlings of smartphone owners today, in fact, not just today, but since the game came about.

In Plants Vs. Zombies you are a farmer who is facing some serious problems with nothing more, nothing less than zombies, the idea of ?? the game is that you make smart use of some plants in a field to prevent zombies from

reaching and come to you. But nothing is enough just placing plants randomly, after all each zombie has different characteristics, as well as each plant also, each with its weaknesses and their advantages, so it is up to you to determine which types of zombie may be attacking you and which best plants to stop it, all done the best way possible and quickly.

This is another game that may be being installed on smartphones that are not as powerful, which further increases its popularity, not to mention the diversity of plants and zombies present. Another great advantage is the fact that there are three games in the series, Plants Vs. Zombies 1 and 2, as well as Plants Vs. Zombies: Heroes, which brings a host of new content and challenges, as well as a theme of superheroes, here you will find unique plants and zombies, adding to the fun.

6- Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Here we have an arcade-style game for those looking for a great pastime, in this game you need to control a character, run away from an extremely grumpy inspector and his dog, all in an obstacle course, here the idea It’s you running as far as you can, but don’t think it’s going to be easy and that’s the wonder of this game, it’s simple to learn, but it can cause huge challenges, keeping you entertained for a long time.

The pace of this game can be quite frantic, after all, you must keep running all the time, while a series of obstacles will come your way, some of them immobile, some not, you will even find trains. Just a snap and everything can go wrong, meaning this game requires a lot of concentration and focus. You never know what will come your way, so you need to be prepared for it all the time.

In Subway Surfers you can either take on the role of Jake, Tricky or Fresh, each with its own character, and you can count on characters using flying boards, as well as jet packs that use colored ink like gasoline, Giving the game a beautiful and even more fun look, just pick your favorite character and enjoy this amazing game.

7- The Sims Freeplay

The Sims Freeplay

Here we have a great choice for those who love simulation games, as well as those who have fallen in love with The Sims franchise games, including a great and free option for those who don’t have the computer version of the game, or for those who like it. the idea of ?? being able to take your games and your created characters everywhere, so you can play whenever you have free time, as your smartphone will always be with you.

Create your character or family and start the game, for those who don’t know, The Sims is a real-life simulation, where you make friends, work, buy furniture, build a house and even create relationships, the game ends up addressing the whole cycle of characters’ lives and you may be following for generations to come. The Sims in any of its versions is a huge success and thousands of people play around the world.

The advantage of playing The Sims Freeplay, besides having access to the game always on your smartphone is the fact that it is free, unlike the computer versions, ie if you always wanted to have this game and had no way, this is your opportunity, and you will have the same experience as the computer game, after all this version is very complete. But it is important to remember that a game with as many details as The Sims Freeplay, takes up a little more space, but nothing much compared to many of the other games in the Play Store.

8- Last Day On Earth: Survival

Last Day On Earth
photo source: game-tales

Our list could not miss a survival game for true lovers of the genre, and here you have a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic game, in this game as in other survival games, you have to collect resources build a fortress and survive all the dangers this world offers, including all the zombies that have tried to make your life difficult, not only that, but to end it, so you must be taking every possible care.

Here you have a game set in 2027 after the world was plagued by a terrible virus that eventually spawned hundreds of zombies, you were a survivor of such an apocalypse, but will you still survive? You have to fight for everything as if your life depended on it, after all, it depends and everything you can build and evolve will be important for your survival, so battle, get weapons and build your fortress because the zombies are coming and they are not. will leave you alone.

Last Day On Earth has really challenging gameplay, after all, a survival game that gives you everything kissed hand would not make sense and would not be funny, here you have to fight with everything and find the best ways to survive. The game has very good graphics and the game will be able to guarantee you fun for long hours, so if you are a survival game lover, you need to enjoy this wonderful game if you have never played anything like it but are interested in zombies, this is also a great indication.

9- Free Fire

Free Fire
photo source: youtube

A proof that Battle Royales have been up to anything lately is the fact that another style game here on our list, a game that is extremely popular with gamers who enjoy playing games on their smartphones. Another advantage of this game is that it is much lighter than the previously listed PUBG and has faster matches, with each game only 10 minutes long and 50 players, but only one survivor can be the winner. Unless you’re on teams, the best thing about the game is that you can make audio calls with other players to plan strategies.

As said before, this is another game where you need to find weapons, medicines, and ammunition, as well as always be aware of the map and the enemies, can you be the real winner? If you find it necessary, talk to your friends and set up a team, so that they can get some advantages in the game, be sure to combine with them a good strategy, because a disorganized team does not have many chances of success, precisely for that you have the audio calls.

To prove the fame of the game just be looking for it on the internet, you will find numerous gameplay videos, as well as find that there are game championships. If you like FPS games, start playing Free Fire right now, who knows your skills will not make you a pro player? Just be ready to always keep and run the best experiences and go to battle without fear, the game will surely conquer you.

10- Plague, Inc

Plague, Inc

Here we have a game different from the other proposals presented in this list, after all the goal of this game is to create a virus and spread it around the world, contaminating everyone, can you accomplish this task? The game has become such a hit that it has both smartphone and computer versions, and you can hardly find anyone who has never heard of it. Here you have a strategy game where you should be looking for the best ways to spread your virus around.

In this game you will choose a type of virus, determine the type of contamination and symptoms, it all starts with your first infected and the next step is to ensure that the infection spreads to the rest of the world, but don’t think this will be an easy task. After all, as you try to infect the whole world, the cure begins to develop, you need to be faster, more efficient, and more strategic to ensure your victory and the then success of the virus you create.

Do not think that the game will be monotonous, after all, you count on it with numerous possibilities, both in available virus options, symptoms and forms of contamination. In addition, of course, updates are constant and new diseases are always added. One of the possibilities that the game even allows is the possibility of creating your own zombie virus, what are you waiting to contaminate the whole world?


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