10 best countries for women who want to travel alone


Unhappily traveling alone is still a challenge for many women. Here we give you some tips and destinations that will help you stay safer while you travel. The number of women who decide to explore different destinations without the company continues to grow although it remains a bit intimidating. And for those who want to be part of this group, the best advice is to start traveling through countries that somehow transmit security for tourists.

In the case of the places we discussed today, where tourists can take advantage of every minute, and without stress by common dangers in unfamiliar places. The list was based on the ranking published by the International Women’s Travel Center. Take a look at the destinations and start planning your trip right now.

1- Iceland


The most friendly country in the world according to the IMF in a report released in 2014, Iceland is also very receptive to women. To enjoy the Icelandic landscapes, the tourist must have a special taste for adventure and cold, since we are talking about one of the most frozen places in the world.

At a freezing temperature, it is rewarded by the bucolic beauty of Vallejos afflicted by groups formed by Cachoeira, geysers, and the magic of Aurora Borealis, which serves as a background for a part of its territory, not a winter boom.

The low temperatures are rewarded by the bucolic beauties of its small towns far away by scenarios that form waterfalls, geysers and by the magic of the aurora borealis, which serves as a screensaver of a large part of the territory in the height of winter boom.

2- Denmark


The Global Peace Index ranked Denmark as the second most peaceful country in the world. Its historical beauties, the strong tradition in the chocolate trade and the not very common scenarios, make this country one of the most pleasant places for women who want to travel alone.

The only concern for tourists about Copenhagen, where it is common to find one another person passed by drinks along the way; Apart from this, the Danish charm can be explored without any fear.

3- New Zealand

new zealand

Able to please the more adventurous as the quieter, New Zealand ranked third in the Global Peace Index. There the plans are divided between the perfect scenarios for the practice of more radical sports and charming landscapes, among which stands out the small town of Matamata, which served as the recording stage and the film adaptations of Tolkien’s works. It is worth remembering that New Zealand is one of the countries that register fewer cases of physical aggression against women, the average becomes almost zero concerning tourists.

4- Austria


It is impossible not to fall in love with this country. On the one hand, there is the possibility of venturing among the snow-capped Alps and surrounded by fascinating villages, on the other, it is possible to walk the historic streets, visit palaces and savor one of the most appreciated coffees in the world, next to equally famous desserts Vienna

5- Switzerland


As charming as Austria, Switzerland also has Sky tracks that run through its Alps, history and a lot of cultures. It is the fifth safest and most peaceful country in the world, according to the IGP and perfect meeting point for tourists who want to take advantage of the most exotic and varied destinations without having to worry about their safety.

6- Holland


Flowers, art, gastronomy and charming settings are just some of the possibilities that tourists who decide to challenge the Netherlands on an independent trip love. The tour can start in Amsterdam, the capital of the country, and continue inland, where small cities receive visitors in a very warm way.

7- Finland


Traveling fans of cold and snow can find in Finland the perfect destination for your stay. There it is also possible to witness the northern lights, besides being able to stay in an ice hotel. Some of them have special igloos to see the northern lights show, guaranteeing even more magical moments. And to return to childhood, it is worth remembering that Finland is in the land of Santa Claus

8- Canada


Among the countries of America, Canada is the safest for women who want and like to travel alone. Modern and cosmopolitan cities can be included in the travel plan, from Toronto to Quebec. Natural and mountainous landscapes are also among the possibilities. There, the Niagara Falls can not be left aside for those who want to know one of the greatest Canadian symbols.

9- Sweden


Sweden is a country of contrasts. Among the largest in Europe, it is one of the least populous. The detail that reveals that there, the only thing that is not missing are natural landscapes and still unexplored, practically intact. Stockholm is the most populated city, being one of the most colorful in the world. Getting lost in its streets surrounded by historic and charming buildings, apart from being a delight for travelers, is also a very safe activity.

10- Belgium


Ancient and irresistibly beautiful, Belgium is a prize for the eyes of those in love with medieval architecture. In Brussels, the capital of the country, many castles and other buildings were erected during the Middle Ages and continue to be well preserved, guaranteeing a journey through time.
Bruges is another important tourist destination in the country, responsible for fascinating those who like art and culture, stamped in the most diverse forms in this charming city.

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