Ten easy countries for immigration in 2019

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The dream of living in another country can be very attractive, especially considering the country where you live. But emigrating represents a great challenge and is not always easy to achieve. Most countries have strict admission rules. But in this note we present a list of 10 nations that make the challenge more bearable.

1- Austria

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The dream of living in another country can be very attractive, especially considering the country where you live. But emigrating represents a great challenge and is not always easy to achieve. Most countries have strict admission rules. But in this note we present a list of 10 nations that make the challenge more bearable.

Let’s clarify one thing: if you like nice and cheap houses, this is not your best option. Austria is a small country that operates as a hipster store: small, fascinating to watch, but so expensive that you will have to donate at least three organs to sustain the standard of living.

Beyond black humor, Austria does have something in favor. According to The Telegraph, Austria offers 10 different residence permits. And none requires internal investment.

Those who do not come from Europe or the United States will have to apply for residence from the country of origin.

2- Belgium

brussels belgium

Little Belgium with its tasty beer and its beautiful cities allows a long-term residence with ease. The condition? To have a job.

It is true that the condition seems titanic. But many European countries are jealous when it comes to employing a foreigner to the detriment of a fellow citizen. In Belgium, you will be allowed to seek employment as a foreigner and after fifteen days of effective work, you will be given a residence permit.

3- Finland


Finland has realized that when those born in the 50s retire, the labor shortage will not be able to be covered by the next generation. The country is giving immigrants a warm welcome.

Open the mind to the language: although there are several supports that immigrants have, traveling to Finland requires a certain entrepreneurial spirit and an open mind. The most important and the biggest point is the language. There are very few positions where it is possible to work without having any knowledge of Finnish, since it is vital to be able to communicate.

4- New Zealand


83% of foreigners who are going to live in NZ say they are satisfied with their decision. The quality of life, the level of citizen culture, as well as the facilities of the infrastructure, make any expatriate feel calm and comfortable living in NZ.

The advantage is that it is a country that is always in search of skilled workers, to whom it grants a stay of up to five years. Actually, the process to live there can be simple as long as you are clear about what you are going to do, but it can be a bit slow and one of the simple ways to achieve citizenship is through finding a job first, establishing yourself and then request it.
At work, everyone fulfills their day and is no longer than stipulated.

5- Canada

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Contrary to the harsh policies of the United States, Canada has 3 programs to approve permanent residence for emigrants with certain skills: those who reach the level of qualities or education that Canada needs, the process is almost express and you will achieve it by filling out a form that , if your score is high, you will be inside.
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They are the FSTP, the FSWP and the CEC. It is a point-based system in which factors such as the age of the candidates, their knowledge of the English and / or French languages, their work experience and the level of education are taken into consideration. Currently to apply must be requested through the Express System.

Canada also provides the opportunity to migrate temporarily through two programs. First, the TFWP, which requires a job offer from a Canadian company, and secondly the IMP, which is regulated by international agreements. In addition, the provinces of Canada regulate their own possibilities to emigrate.

Another point in favor of Canada is that procedures for permanent residence are delayed, in 80 percent of cases, less than 6 months. It helps to have relatives in the country or to have studied in Canada.

6- Belize


This English-speaking Central American nation, low cost of living and paradisiacal beaches, is another “friendly” option to settle.

Here you can apply for a permanent residence after one year of stay. For that you must enter with a tourist visa for 30 days, which must be renewed every month. Upon arriving at 50 weeks, a fee of $ 1000 is paid and after some bureaucratic procedures, there would be no more problems. Some provincial states or departments, however, require that you leave the country for 15 days every 6 months.

7- Panama

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Many describe Panama as that country that broke away from Florida and ended up in Central America. It is safe, well developed, English is spoken and the dollar is used. An income of 1,000 dollars per month is required to reside. And American retirees love it. But for the youngest, you need to make a deposit of 5,000 dollars in a Panamanian bank.
To finally obtain a visa, you must come from a “friend” country, find a job or open a business.

8- Australia

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Australia has a triple system for admitting emigrants: family petitions, humanitarian or work reasons. The latter is what is known as Skilled Stream.
Emigration to Australia for work reasons can be with a temporary visa, in which case a sponsor is always needed or it can be with a permanent residence card, in which case several possibilities are accepted: company sponsorship or an Australian region or even No need for sponsorship in what is known as Skilled Independent Visa.
At present, it is frequent that a temporary visa is first obtained and that it serves as a springboard to later obtain a permanent visa.
Also, at present the labor fields to which the majority of temporary and permanent migrants who are admitted to Australia belong are IT, engineering, accounting, nursing, medicine and education.

9- Costa Rica

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With its “pure life” wave, this is often the “happiest” choice.
Its population is in fact one of the happiest on the planet, according to the “Happy Planet Index” survey.
Costa Rica offers a “rentier” visa for people with a monthly income of $ 2,500 per month, for two years, or with a letter from an employer guaranteeing that you earn this amount. Another option is to invest in a business or real estate. The minimum amount is 200 thousand dollars.

10- Chile

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Only 2 percent of the Chilean population was born in another country. However, it is an attractive destination for people interested in creating a start-up.
Three competitions are held every year and in each of them 100 businessmen are granted visas, in addition to capital and access to networks and mentoring programs.
Since the program was created, almost 1000 entrepreneurs have emigrated to Chile from more than 35 countries.


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